Mushroom Softech Pvt. Ltd.


I want to thank you for the fine job you have done.Omar Gedi, Dubai.

Firstly thanks a ton for replying and helping me so quick. I have seen your demo software and am really impressed. Moazam ali, Oman

Thank you for your good work! Only the fee of the first payment...Once again, thank you for your good work. Sunny Sun Sun, Papua New Guinea.

Hi Team, Trust you are doing great. First I must commend you for the great work you are doing, you are indeed changing the world with your development works. Regards, Bolarinwa Olufunso, Nigeria

After studied your School Management Software (Demo.), we are very much impressed and interested. We only interested about your " School Management System (ON LINE) ",  &  " School Management System (OFF LINE) ", Software for Govt. H S Schools. In the previous mail we requested for Distributorship / Channel Partnership for future business. Subir Singha Roy, India

I gone through your Hospital ERP Demonstration. It is perfect and I think I can promote your products. I do like to join you as your white label reseller program for all your products, let me know the process for the same. Further any assistance please give us call. Anticipate your valuable reply. With Regards, Yogesh Sonawane, Pune, India

Dear Mr. Aggarwal, Praying for your health, wealth, success, happiness and prosperity throughout. From last about 5 years, i am constantly observing your product. I found it one of the best product available in the market by all means. I salute you for your untiring, sincere efforts for the humanity interest at large. May Almighty Bless you success in future in your all projects. Warmest Regards & Best Wishes, Dr. Sharjeel A. Qazi, C. E. O.,  Negambo, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Good day Sir / Madam, I was looking at your products and must say am impressed by the creativity of your team. I am a freelance ICT Consultant and would like to be a reseller of some of your products in my country. However, I would like to know the costs and implementation duration, system requirements for these products. Kind regards, Dean Rwothy. Tanzania.

I like it. It is very important to us. Please send more details about setup it in my website. How to get this project? tell me all about its cost. Sujeet Singh for School Management System.

Good day! It is our pleasure to have gone through the demo of eSchool and eMed products .We believed this will be paramount to our business activities. Our activities involved consulting and skill development to enhance business productivity and maximize highest return on their investment. Our current and potential clients are schools, medical institutions and small finance firms. We are looking at areas where we can collaborate as our technical partner with your organization to enhance our activities. We hope to hear from you soon. Best  Regards, Deboye. Africa

Dear Mr. Sandeep Agarwal Ji, Due to some workloads i could not go through from School software fully. I checked some features and it was looked impressive. Now when i am going to login with demo account detail,  "Your validity has been expired" message is coming. I request you to renew the demo account for checking the remaining features. Thanks, Arvind Minocha, Rajasthan, India.

Apart from everything, we are too impressed with your reports which have crystal reports including bar chart, pie charts, 3D presentations etc. which are very usefull in our day to day reporting. Dr. Vivek, Pride Institute, Maharashtra. India

Me and my co-leagues are very happy with your after sales service. The system is also easy to handle but your support brings smiles on our face. Prabhjot,  Panipat, Haryana, India.

The software for school is really unmatched. I tried many other but they are just elementary. Great work. Dinesh. Nepal. 

Am impressed that you kept my student data safely even after my AMC expired an year ago. I have continued further without any extra efforts now. Thanks. Prakash Karki, Trustee, Uttrakhand, India.

Noted. Thanks, I am trying to learn more please support me like this in the begin. karthikeyan dhamodaran, Dubai.

I am very grateful to Mushroom Support for responding to these issues in a timely manner.  I have been able to make over 100 entries into the system since then. Kafui sewordor. AIMU. St. Lucia.

Hi sir how are you today.I have made my mind to purchase this valuable software so that I be your reseller from Kenya. Harold Omondi, Director, Consulting Services.

Dear Sir, I am really sorry for delay reply . I have shown this software to Mid level management. Now the higher authority wants to see the demo Software. I have tried to open your soft ware. but i can not do. please give us password for demo version immediately. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Yours sincerely, Md A. Rouf Akanda, Finance Manager, Nigeria.

Hi, Hope you are doing great. I see the demo, it is very good system I want to introduce it here in the market. Regards, Jonathan Sigonda, ERP/SME Software Consultant & Implementer (Installer, Trainer & Support), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

I have looked at the system critically and the probability of it to sell is high. I have tried the demo also. Well the biggest challenge is not to  demonstration but rather I want to be your software reseller here in Kenya. So can you provide me with details on how I can be one. What are the terms. Regards, Badar M, Kenya.

hello Mr Sandeep, I have gone through your softwares and i feel we can be your partners  hear helping to market and resell your softwares in Nigeria. we can guarantee you yiou will not regret the partnership with us, thank you,  Morola oyedele, Fli-Alpha Solutions Ltd. Nigeria.

Sir, Thanks for your reply, we checked the demo , and we are satisfy with the Hospital management system. We are very happy. We want to be a white label partner , how do we go about it.  Please , i hope we can still negotiate about the price. Thanks. Emmanuel Adegbehingbe. Nigeria.

Hi, Thanks for the information pertaining to become a channel partner with Mushroom Softech. I have had a look at the software through the demo link provided. It is pretty impressive and well researched software made. However, as I had mentioned to you that we would like to work on a slightly different model on licensing and selling. request you to let me know suitable time to meet you in person and take this forward. Regards, Barkha Jaiswal, India.

Dear Mr. Sandeep, Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet and discuss on the prospect of selling your solution in Uganda. We also thank you and madam for the hospitality extended to us. We reached well in Ahmedabad only had full day with fatigue and didn't email earlier. We are still fine and look forward to the trip home when we build on our discussion further. The schools at home close for year this Friday so we will only be able to do much in near year. Meanwhile we will request recommendation from you on capacity building for demo purposes in Uganda via Skype , teamviewer etc etc. With kind  regards, John Kasedde, Uganda.

Its great to see the interest you should in mutual business growth.  I saw the demo and my operations and marketing team is also going through this. This looks a pretty decent software . Now i wanted to know how to we go ahead about this.  Zubair Ahmed, Pakistan.

Thank you for the demo details. I have gone through the application and found it very interesting and useful. We would like to resell this product in zone of reach and are looking forward for more details on your reseller program. We have our own classes, where we would like to implement this as a test bed and after a complete understanding of product would like to start reselling it to our contacts in schools and colleges. Utsav Raja, India.

hello sandeep, I take this opportunity to thank you and your support team. I am very happy to tell you that we may work for a longer time than I thought. I appologies for everything that i may have done over the period. I know all is not done but this is already great and the client has no basis now to slot my throt. I have also done quite something. I will price my next school projects better and will have some know how on how to implement. Thanks and thanks, Sandeep, appologies to your family for I have called you in bad times of the night. It was peer pressure. bye for now. Next time you plan a holyday for your technical team at Mushroom Softech and yourself think about kenya. i will host you guyz. I will be back in the school early morning to sort out the login issue. bye and sorry for the long mail J.M Mathew, KENYA

All out management members like your live demo except out IT professionals, they questions the security issues of the internet and some how risks of viruses , trojans and specially keyloggers. Final decision of our management meeting was , to buy the software to work n manage the database offline manaually. SiD Sangwan,  Botswana.

Sandeep, Very impressive.

Congratulations! Garth Brawn, USA.

I have gone through your site and its quite informational. i gone some of the answers, however we may need to consider that our education system my differ slightly, but that would not be a problem.

i am well convince that we are taking the right direction. i will get back to soon. J.M Mathew, KENYA

I think your management system will suitable for my requirements please send me the quotation. Pranay M. Hyderabad, India.

I wanted to ask if you have a Power point presentation of your application? We would like to go ahead and purchase the software. Melody Donono, Harare..

This software is impressive can you send me the user id and password of ecollege...Madan D. for Hospital Management System

I have gone through eshcool demo, its good. let me know the price.

Awesome. Let me go through it. Cyruc, CCPP, Africa.

Wonderful...wonderful... Thanks a lot. Appreciate mushroom software for your efforts. Keep up the good work guys. SRVPC, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

I am very pleased to access your demo and others feature of the software that you have. I have an office for customized software development and sell with other IT solution in Bangladesh. I have already share the demo to Our marketing team. They are pleased to sell in Bangladesh Market. Abul Kalam Azad, Bangladesh.

I want to market all this software’s in east Africa and potentially invest a lot in marketing myself as sole seller for the mentioned software. All I need is each demo software so  as when I get a lead I can demonstrate. Aliraza A. Ladha, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

I have gone through the demo of this product, no doubt this product is good. Dilep Narose, India.

That was good session I like your software I like your software, Now I am from Mozambique and in my country we speak Portuguese. My employees will only understand the program when in Portuguese can it be translated? Marcos Jeremias, Mozambique.

good day, I have seen your demo and pricing, meanwhile, i have a client whom i have shown the demo site and he is willing to commit for the 50 user pretty soon, i also told him the given price as per your list. Regards. Ibrahim Muhammed O, Nigeria.

Dear Sandeep ji, Thank you. You have good ERP products for  individual institutes and SMEs, which I can try to promote. We at university use a no. of hybrid cloud solutions and packaged applications, depending on the need, usage,  regulations and compliance. Though in NZ there are a no. of stand-alone institutes which can benefit from your services. Abhinav Chopra, New Zealand

Thanks for Live trial. It is up to the mark. We are in process of College Management System. Kindly send me trial link for this software along with all terms and conditions. Shyfina Solutions, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

I have tried the demo of your e-school software, and had found it interesting to get deployed. Ben, Nigeria.

I have a short view of the demo. This is great work. .....I would like to be a reseller of your products.. its convincing.....  and easy to sell to our customers.. Please forward email to me on how to join and sell these products. Shaibu Sikiru, Data Resources Nig. Ltd

Dear Sandeep, As discussed, I took up the matter of enhancing concurrent users in yesterday’s Trustee meeting. They have agreed to enhance the license from 3 to 10 concurrent users with immediate effect. Next enhancement (tentative – needs reconfirmation) shall be from 10 to 20 users towards end November 2014. Please send us your bank details so that they can transfer funds to your account. Thanks for your support. With regards, PG Makhija, India.

Thank you for your feedback on the resellership of your ERP Softwares. We shall be happy to know the next line of action from us or you, in terms of signing contract agreement and is there a reseller discount for us on the prices you sent? Thanks, Olumide, Jos, Nigeria.

Hi Sandeep, First of all Thank you very much for the time spent today, it proved to be quite interesting. I have just finished a meeting with the board of directors and have asked me to organise a demo of your system to the concerned staff. Thanks in advance. Chris Camilleri, Operations Manager, Domain Group, Maita.

Hi, I am enquiring for Mr. Omar Hassen.He would like to come see Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, We need the full address details, including the City you are in and the nearest Airport. Kind regards, Firoza, Jungle Tech, Zambia.

I strongly suggest you to make your web site as attractive as your products are. Before checking the live trials, it  was hard for me to get  convinced that your products would be so wonderful and different from others. All other vendors have beautiful web sites but illogical and elementary level products. I am now convinced with your service also till now. Wole Obikoya, Somtel, Kenya.

Is there a way we can integrate Mushroom's eMed with eCollege so that the Hospital and Medical College are managed together. My client doesn't want to go with any other company for Medical College software now. Arigbede Oladesanmi, Nanopro. Nigeria.

Ever since you have integrated ticket system, the support quality has become highly satisfactory and quick responses are seen in our email directly. Keep it up Mushroom Softech. Piyush, MD, KPA, Jalna, India.

This is me suresh adhikari from nepal. i am regular visite your company website and i like your product and services. acutally i am working now isp company in nepal. and we are establish one network system and web service provided company in kathmandu. nepal now i am intersting to join with you and your company .i have a clients collage, hospital and school. so if you can support me i will promote your business and launching your service and product here.if you are intersted with me plz mail me . i will be waite your reply. Suresh Adhikari, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Thank you for the continuous support. Dr. Uma. AIMU Dean of AIMU, St. Lucia.

The Mushroom Softech fraternity, I have gone through the entire system, i like it and my management colleagues will certainly. we would like to know the logistics to reselling the software and may be more of your software products.  We have clients here with the need for such..., just a small matter to it.., The sooner it happens and i pray that it happens so, the better. Kind Regards,Alphonse M. ALPHONSE MUTUA | Business Development - Technologies Company Ltd.| Nairobi, Kenya.

Hi, I am interested to resell this product in Oman kindly mail me business model for resellers. Also I prefer to sell this product under my label, advice me accordingly. Regards, Anurag, Al-Khuwair, Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman. .

Dear Sir, Sorry to have to ask again.  Please reinstate the access to the emed system.  It takes more than a couple of days to prepare a full report to the Board of Directors and every time I get a chance to log in again it tells me my validity has expired.  Can you please give me access to the full system for at least 10 days so I can get the analysis finished for the report.  If not, we will be forced to look for another system and that will be a shame as I think yours is excellent. Yours faithfully, Ian Williams. Maidstone, England. .

I am a SOHO company and would like some information. I went through your website and i am impressed with your software solutions. Please respond to me on the following questions before i decide to use your services. Angela Andera,  Business Manager, Nairobi, Kenya.

Greetings from TilyCo Private Limited. After looking at your solutions we are impressed and would like to market your solutions to our clients in Maldives and Sri Lanka. We are a new company with experienced hospitality and retail technology experts. Please let us know if there is an opening for us to become your partner and market your solutions to our clients.  Ahmed Ahsan Saeed, Managing Director, Maavaharu 1, Hulhumale', K.Male', Republic of Maldives.

Hi, Thanks for your your mail, we are studying the content, we are very much interested in your product, it will meet the need of the people. Thanks. Dr. Bassey, Nigeria.

I am really interested in using your software but i want the offline version. Operating the web based would be very expensive due to the cost of internet in kenya. Kipkemboi Rono, Kenya.

Dear sir/madam,  Thank you for providing a trail pack of your eCollege Software. It was very nice and useful to colleges. Will you provide onsite installation and onsite training? Our college located in Tamil Nadu (Kanyakumari). Anna Vinayagar, India.

We had existing clients in an educational field like college and schools across tamil nadu. We gone through your software its quite good and more efficient to complete the management job and data which can be kept in a single click with efficient track record. Well we are interested to be a reseller of our product. If is there any opportunity to be a reseller for the southern part of India surely our presence is there to take the marketing and sales part. Vinod, Marketing and Sales, Chennai. India

Hi, The programme is very good but there would be some change according to the requirement here in Qatar. If yes please let me know and will provide you the requirement immediate. If all are ok then will go for PO and have a contract to purchase it .These are very sensitive because you know that all things are varying time to time and we should look forward each other for better goal. If any doubt please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much. Kumar. Accounts Manager. Doha-Qatar.

Sir, I'm really in love with the features and the modules. I would still also want you to add other features to it to make it more sellable here. Add: FIXED ASSET and Depreciation charges to it Add: Resumption Date, Holiday Date, Exams Date Akeem Popoola, Lagos, Nigeria.

I have reviewed the product at it fits very well with our plan. Edeh George, Nigeria.

We had gone through the live trial version of your product and can testify that it actually going to suit our management requirement. Akintunde Adeboye, Nigeria.

would love to be your representative in South Africa and its neighboring countries. There is a great market this side. l have just checked it out and its a great software which will come handy in alleviating schools' administration. Hope to hear from you soon. Tidings Ndabezinhle Ntonga, Nigeria.

I have thoroughly gone through the demo and presentations. They are quite good and impressive. Over here schools are still on break we hope to start off immediately they resume. Ben Ometu, Nigeria.

I have logged into the system and downloaded the presentation, I am very impressed.  Ben Ometu, Nigeria.

How do I got the programme? I have gone through the live demostration, but the power point down load did not work. Does require a particular operating system? The system is a very good one that can fits in any hospital settings. Please let me know how I can get the software. Specialists Hospital Bauchi, Bauchi State, NIGERIA.

Thank you very much for your quick response. I have logged into the system and downloaded the presentation, I am very impressed.  Ben Ometu, Nigeria.

Good day Sir. I am done with doing my research about my target market here in Botswana. I will like to make my first purchase. Matthews Phale. Botwana.