Mushroom Softech Pvt. Ltd.
Our Clients
Over 95% of our customers are channeled through channel partners which are not displayed here. Following are some not all of our direct clients across the globe:





























Chaitanya               indian school               pride               glee

pims               saife                kmsb               newhall



krishna           lachoo             natcon       balaji

yitm                 zmd             sect            lbi


11th natcon


lema                            just                            tamb                    tiec




bemas                     cea                          dmps                               dpirs     


inderprash_dental                          logo1                               hcschool 

living stone                    dbhs logo                   great jed


conceptair         client_s


natcon-2010      net-engineering     vedic-city




clients1                       chead100                        whitesmy           


client_e                     client_h


client_p              client_v     


clients2               client_j


99ghar logo                       area-retail-logo         hotel design


logo oogma         acafhr     new dark gothic


clients3           header


Millenium Public School, Hisar        Senior Secondary Model School, Hisar        client u

  cec logo                    sect                  shrishti   

client t                        client_g


mushroom jobs               mushroom shaadi             mushroom ghar

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