Mushroom Softech Pvt. Ltd.
Aim of Mushroom Core of Mushroom
We air to integrate the business with an environment where the salient features would be:
We maintain high ethical standards in external and internal relationships to maximize success.
bullet Latest innovations in technology. bullet
Our decisions are based on facts, objectively considered -- what we call the fact-founded, thought-through approach to decision making.
bullet Simple and user friendly interface. bullet
The business is kept in adjustment with the forces at work in its environment.
A Management information system at the lowest cost universally.
We judge our executive on the basis of their performance but not on personality, education or personal traits and skills.
Environment to deliver maximum resources, enabling information retrieval and decision making a hassle free and cost effective proposition.
We believe business to be administered with a sense of competitive urgency
Business Process of Mushroom
bull Our focus is to create a business house of high principle generating greater drive and effectiveness and this we achieve by laying special emphasis on inner administrative drive that makes everyone feel confident to do the right thing.
bull The inner drive that we encourage so much attracts high caliber people thereby enabling us to achieve a basic competitive edge. This competitive edge enables us in maintaining mutually beneficial relations with all our stake holders.
bull Our process keeps looking back at our core philosophy and raises the bar for our executives so that we keep improving upon our earlier achievements and enhance value to our customers on a regular basis.
bull To achieve this aim Mushroom Softech was established in the year 2003 and incorporated in the year 2006. From the date of its establishment Mushroom had stuck to its core philosophy in every aspect of its working and was successful in developing numerous world class software products which have relevance in a wide variety of areas like hospitals, motels, schools, college, clubs etc.
bull These products are continuously being upgraded and new features are being added to meet the requirements of clients in accordance with the changing business environment. The working platform of all these products is windows based Web technology including ASP & ASP.Net as the main environment. The Web based technologies that we use enables us to effectively monitor and service our applications without any time delay irrespective of the location of our clients all across the globe.