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Mushroom Softech Pvt. Ltd.
This application can be deployed on stand alone/desktop system for use without internet or web     server for use with internet. It can be migrated from desktop to web     server or vice versa at client's will without loosing the data.
World's Best College/University Management System

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bullet College ERP Management Software System is a compact package, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at bringing about total quality in Education management. The system focuses on excellent coordination between College and students, making e-education scenario "a reality". eCollege- College Software provides, online integrated information of Students to the College administrators, enabling transactions with trading partners through seamless connectivity with robust security and privacy features. The technology, solutions and features are aimed at providing unlimited "scalability". eCollege- College ERP provides various type of College management related service, operations and high level of efficiency in recording and information dissemination thus reducing errors. eCollege- College Software solution can be installed on Inernal server or web server for use through network of multiple computers.  ....Choose 'offline' for use without internet or 'online' with internet

Very Very Important: ""eCollege- College/University Software is the only ERP on the globe developed so far with highest  flexibility and dynamism to fit and inherit any flow of administration in any country.  The software is also capable of inheriting changes in the flow of administration if required even after the implementation from one semester to another or one class to another class without changing the previous years' setup."" This feature is unique and pertains to all modules.       

  The Application is delivered with integrated:
  • Multi-Lingual support
  • Android & Tablet PC Compatibility
  • Direct compatibility with Tally ERP9
  • Indirect compatibility-Accounting vouchers exportable to Tally ERP9 Showing on under "Education System"
  • Accounts, Balance sheet, P & L, individual Student ledgers etc.
  • Inventory & Stock reports.
  • Purchase Order & GRN.
  • Pro forma, Challan & Invoicing
  • Cashier's Scroll.
  • HR & Payroll with individual Staff ledgers and automatic postings.
  • Automatic Bar code generation.
  • Campus & curriculum Management.
  • SMS to students and staff.
  • Individual student level fee mgmt and future fee locking.
  • Transport, Hostel, Time Table, Period wise Attendance, Library.
  • Smart card or RFID compatibility.
  • Crystal reports exportable to MSExcel, PDF, MSWord, RPT & RTF formats.
  • Graphical            representation of reports.
  • Auto Generated QR (Quick Response) Code absolutely free
International Look Dashboard
  • International look Dashboard with iconic navigation up to the roots.
Candidate Registration
  • Direct registration by candidates from institute's official website.
  • Short listing & Rejection of candidature by the administrator.
  • Pre admission Follow up and recording of next dates to follow up the candidates for admissions with necessary alerts. A pre-admission Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) System.
Student Teacher Administration
  • Admission Applications with comprehensive information of Student Applicants. Short listing, Acceptance & Rejection of Applications.
  • I-card Generation- New and Duplicate.
  • Bulk Transfers and Promotions with archive for future reference.
  • Rotation of streams with archive for Medical Colleges.
  • Student Attendance on Period to Period and Class to Class basis. Database designing is very concise to take very big amount of students in a college.
  • Manage staff/student attendance with Bar code, Smart Card, RFID, Bar Code, Biometric Finger Print, Finger Vein, Iris, Palm Vein, facial recognition devices.
  • Certificate issues with auto generated QR code and  Student activity records.
  • Flexible Fee Management has been designed to give different fee structures to every student with different payment months and modes.
  • Fee locking in advance for entire tenure of study in the school or receive more than the due amount for settlement in the next semesters/years.
  • Students/parents login created automatically with specific rights. Common login interface for every one.
  • Compatible with Bar code, Smart Card, RFID, Bar Code, Biometric Finger Print, Finger Vein, Iris, Palm Vein, Palm Vein, facial recognition devices.
  • GPRS can be integrated on demand.
Library Administration
  • Entry of new books with Bar Code facility.
  • Issues and Returns of books with Bar Code reader.
  • Comprehensive search of books through various permutation combinations.
  • Late return fine.
  • Library rules and regulations.
  • Library card Generation.
Student Care Management & Examination
  • Excellent Examination Date Sheet building tools  & Result Management.
  • Unique Time Table Management.
  • Hostel Management.
  • Transport Management with Bus Stops and timings for the bus to pickup and Drop.
Hostel Management
  • Comprehensive Building setup system.
  • Allotment of room type and no. of occupants in each one of them.
  • Allotment of rooms to the students on sharing basis.
SMS & Email with assignment attachment
  • Integrated with UHF card reader for instant messaging to parents on arrival and departure of students.
  • General SMS & Email to students & staff.
  • SMS to absentees.
  • Auto designed SMS to students with fee overdue.
  • SMS to students & staff with library book over dues.
  • Email to students with attachment of assignments.
Administration Management

  • Payroll Management System.
  • Stores & Inventory Management.
  • Automatic Financial Accounting.
  • Strong Security Administration.
  • Admin controlled rights for different logins.
  • Create any no. of logins each one with different rights
Support Services Management
  • Material Management.
  • Management Information system.
  • Very easy Implementation and handling.
Time Table Management
  • 100% fully automatic time table generation
  • Dynamic No. of period generation.
  • Create your own time table with excellent checks on assignment of classes and teachers.
  • Update Time Table
Transport Management
  • Excellent management of timings of bus stops and bus routes according to the Institutional timings.
  • Allotment of bus to the students and managing their Pick and Drop timings and automatic accounting.
  • Allotment of bus to the staff and managing their Pick and Drop timings.
Examination Management
  • New Exam. creation with Dates and timings.
  • Allotment of rooms & invigilators.
  • Result entry for all the students appearing for the exams and printing of their Report Cards.
  • Comprehensive reporting system with wild and specific search engines.
  • Comprehensive Crystal reports exportable to MSExcel, PDF, MSWord, RPT & RTF formats.
  • Graphical            representation of reports.
Login panel & user rights
  • Create unlimited users with exclusive users' rights.
  • Common login panel for all users with different rights, may it be student, teacher, parents, librarian, administrator or accountant etc.
  • Different rights as decided by the administrator are available to every user for utmost security.
  • Multiple schools can be accessed from the common user interface.
Multiple centers

  • Students can be divided in multiple centers.
  • Center wise filtration of student reports.
Payment Gateway

  • Students/Parents can pay online through Credit/Debit/Cash cards or Internet Banking using IVR system.